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  • How to get to Kyrgyzstan from Korea?
    There are no direct flights to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from Inchon,Korea yet. Therefore you can visit Kyrgyzstan via neighboring Almaty , Kazakhstan or Tashkent, Uzbekistan . In February 2020, T-way Airlines received the right to operate twice a week and has been making efforts to operate in 2021, but it is likely to be delayed due to current Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • What about public security?
    The security of Bishkek is fine, but you always need to be careful not to lose your belongings. It is recommended to keep your valuables and cash in your accommodation and. Sometimes you will be stopped by the police and questioned, so you need to bring a copy of your passport.
  • What about local food?
    Since Kyrgyz nomads have lived raising livestock, meats and dairy products are main food. Also vegetables such as onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, and green onions are used as food ingredients. The main dish is bread called 'Ripyoshka', and there are 'Beshbarmak' which is similar to pasta, 'Lagman', a noodle soup, and 'Plov', a fried rice. If you are not picky about your taste, don't have to worry much about food during your trip.
  • What are the specialties of Kyrgyzstan?
    The most famous specialties are felt handicrafts, including carpets, shoes, clothes, dolls, etc. The white honey and conaq in At-Bashi is excellent, and tea is also wonderful specialty because it is grown in alpine regions.
  • Are there any endemic diseases required immunization?
    There's no particular endemic disease, but you need to prepare for the altitude sickness. We recommend you drink mineral water and bring some medicine(headache pill, digestive medicine, cold medicine, etc).
  • How is the mobile telecommunication system?
    You can use Wi-fi in hotels in city areas, but there are still a lot of regions in countryside where wireless communications are not available.
  • Can I use a cellphone roaming service from Korea in Kyrgyzstan?
    Yes, you can use a cellphone roaming service from Korea in Kyrgyzstan. We recommend you to purchase a local SIM card. It may cost $5~6 (may differ from telecom companies), and it is prepaid. You can use data more than 40G.
  • any two week period of self-quarantine under COVID pandemic?
    There is no self quarantine if you bring a 'negative' COVID-19 PCR test result, which has been tested within three days before a departure date. Thus, we recommend you to take a PCR test before departure and bring the test result. Moreover, you don't need to bring any PCR test result if you are vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Are there any other things that I need to know?
    • You can enter Kyrgyzstan without a visa for 60 days.
    • The electricity is 220v/50hz.
    • You can use a Korean driver's licence(you can apply it in Kyrgyz Embassy and it will take a couple of days).
    • You need to prepare some copies of your passport.
    • You will have to exchange U.S dollars to Kyrgyz Som, so you need to bring some dollars($100, $1*10)
    • You need to bring name cards of your hotel and copies of your passport when you go outside.
    • You will have to pay a tip for your hotel, about $1 for a night.
    • It's dangerous to walk alone at night. We recommend you stay in your accommodation in night time. If you really need to go out at night, you must be accompanied with other people.
    • Left-hand shakes are a sign of disrespect in Kyrgyzstan.
    • You need to prepare both thin and thick clothes for alpine climate.
  • Contact Addresses for Emergency
    Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kyrgyzstan
    • Address: 35, Str. Akhunbaev, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 720064
    • Phone Number: (996) 312–579-771
    • E-mail: korea.kg@mofa.go.kr
    • Emergency Contact: (case for emergency, available for 24 hours): (996) 500-579-773

    Report in Emergency
    • Fire report 101
    • Crime report 102
    • Emergency Medical Service 103

    • It may be faster to call for Embasy of the Republic of Korea, or your acquaintances in emergency.
    • You can call 103(free national emergency ambulance call), but sometimes it takes too much time for a national ambulance to arrive at the scene of the accident.

    • You can also call for a private ambulance(139, 151) for emergency.

    • Guide to a Telephone Number: 106(free), 161(charging)
    • Korean Education Center: (996)550-037-179
    • Korea International Cooperation Agency Kyrgyzstan Office: (996)312-979-401
    • Korean Rural Development Adminstration Kyrgyzstan Office: (996)312-455-513
    • EPS(Employment Permit System) Center: (996)555-729-728
    • Korean Association in Kyrgyzstan: (996)550-334-242
    • Federation of Korean Enterprises in Kyrgyzstan: (996)773-106-327
    • The National Unification Advisori Council Branch in Kyrgzstan: (996)551-088-308
    • World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations Branch in Kyrgyzstan: (996)779-130-209