KF Culture Village

What is a culture village?
At the core of the KF SilkRoad project, a local unit prepared for travelers to enhance their understanding of Kyrgyz by living and experiencing the nomadic people of Kyrgyz, traditional culture and food together. An average of two to three KF SilkRoad courses are arranged at regular intervals, and selected through comprehensive judgment of cultural experience, surrounding tourist attractions, accessibility, food, accommodation, and people. Each culture village has a structure that enables continuous growth by improving the income of the village residents by creating and promoting various resources of the culture village with the residents.

KF villages status

Total 10

Kashka-Suu Village
A village where Padish-Ata, a holy place in Jalalabad, is located.
  • Aksy, Kyrgyzstan
    Kashka-Suu Village
  • Shabdan, Kyrgyzstan
    Shabdan Village
  • Acha-Kaiyndy, Kyrgyzstan
    Acha-Kaindy Village
  • Kara-suu, District, Kyrgyzstan
    Kara-Suu Village
  • Lesnoe, Kyrgyzstan
    Lesnoe Village
  • Tong, Kyrgyzstan
    Kyzyl-Tuu Village
  • Taldy bulak
    Taldy-Bulak Village
  • Kyzyl beyit 1
    Kyzyl-Beyit Village
  • Sovet 46
    Murdash Village
  • Aytmatova, 305
    Sheker Village