KF SilkRoad

  • The Route of Nomads

    Welcome to the Real Nomadic Life
    • An Adventurous Trip that Experiences the Real Life of Nomads
    • Social Distancing for Safe Travel
    • A rest in Issyk-Kul, the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan
    • Eco-friendly Tour
  • The Route of War and Peace

    The History about Dissemination of Making Paper and Islam Through the Battle of Talas
    • General Gao Xianzhi and the Battle of Talas
    • Social Distancing for the Safe Trip
    • An Adventurous Trip for a Few People, Including Families or Friends
    • An Experience for Paper Manufacturing and Making a Drawing Book
  • The Route of Time Travel

    Time Travel Back to the Past
    • Time Travelling Back to the Past
    • An adventurous Trip with a Few People Including Families and Friends
    • Eco-friendly Tour
    • Social Distancing for a Safe Trip
  • The Route of Healing

    A Healing Trip to Kyrgyzstan with the Magnificent Scenery of Tian-Shan! Experience the Beauty and Culture of Mother Nature.
    • Safe travel that allows social distancing
    • Experience tour with a small number of people such as family or in couple
    • Eco-friendly tourism
    • The pearl of Kyrgyzstan, rest on Lake Issykul


  • Tolosun Bektemirov

    Kyzyl-Tuu village achieved the status 'the Town of Jurt' from the World Craftsmen’s Council, and 95 percent of villagers are engaged in yurt-making. It is the only village consisted of nomadic people. You can also make a jurt in Kyzyl-Tuu. We are waiting for you all.

    Bakyt Ybykeev

    Issyk-Kul is the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. The places, Ak-Suu, Ala-Kol, Altyn-Arashan are top destinations for tourists. These places are home to flora and fauna, including Dendro park, hunting reserves, and resort forests. Kyrgyz people first came to this country and settled here long time ago. Some people from Russia and other countries are the center of wealth and culture.

    Kanat Umetov

    Visit our village if you want to experience the nomadic culture. Near the town there is a 10th century fortress, Koshoi Korgon, where villagers live and do handcraft works.

    Toyunbubu Amanova

    Acha Kayindy is a beautiful village in Atbashy, and Atbashy is a beautiful mountain region. Summer tourism is well-developed in this area. Summer is also the time for handicrafts, including ‘felt’, which is passed down from generation to generation. Atbashy has historical monuments “Koshoi Korgon” and “Tashrabat”and you can visit there anytime.

  • Altyn Djanyshbaeva

    Welcome to Chon Keming Shabdan village, also known as Altyn Choichok, another wonderful region in Kyrgyzstan! Our village is enclosed with the mountains with juniper trees. You can watch deers and pheasants closely. Our tour program is called “parents home”. You can taste centuries-old Kyrgyz dishes, and also make them as well. You can make your own gifts by yourself. Everyone in our town is waiting for you!

    Gulnur Narmanbetova

    Padysha-Ata is the center of the most beautiful, mysterious and sacred tour spot in the world. There are historical and archaeological sites, and mausoleums dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries. Why don’t you visit Padysha-Ata and look around?

    Azamat Mamatali uulu

    Alay is located in a grandiose south point of the Great Silk Road and now it keeps so many wonderful things in itself. My village, Murdash, is in the heart of Pamir-Alay mountains and I am inviting you to discover our beautiful treasures with us. I grew up within fabulous mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, and people who still live like real nomads. I have always thought how the lucky and happy people we are. My village, Murdash, is in the heart of Pamir-Alay mountains and I am inviting you to discover our beautiful treasures with us.

    Jyzyr Ozybekov

    Welcome to Talas, Manas, the wonderful place of Kyrgyzstan. It’s the source of the Talas Valley, where our father Manas lived. It is also the pasture of Bakai, the advisor of our famous father Manas, Bakai stone, and Koshoi Balban. I recommend you come to the homeland of our village ”Organic Zone”. There is fresh and delicious food and it holds traditional events of artisans, jewelers, craftsmen. Welcome to the village of Taldy-Bulak in Talas region in which a famous horse farm ”Konezaavod 113” is located, and it still raises pedigree horses.