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  • Travel Period
    7 days
  • Cost
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Travel Introduction

"The Nomadic Path Where You Can Feel the Essence of Nomadic Culture"

The people of Kyrgyzstan are the best in the world to preserve the nomadic traditions and culture. It is a way to experience the spirit and life of the Kyrgyz people, who remember and respect the ancient traditions until today. It will be a seven-day tour where you can experience and actually take part in the various life events of nomads from birth to death.

You can also experience the nomadic spirit and lifestyle of Kyrgyz who maintain the tradition thoroughly until these days. You can experience the life of the nomads for seven days by going through a variety of life events what nomads experience in their lives. 

"Meet the Past Intersecting with Present"

The road where the ancient Silk Road merchants walked by horses and camels is now a well paved-road with cars and horses.

You can enjoy both beautiful nature and cultural inheritance only in the route of nomads, which goes from Tashrabat, the accommodation place of Silk Road merchants, to Burana Tower. There is Song-Kul lake on the way to Burana Tower, and you can experience the nomadic lifestyle as well.

You can see yourself appreciating the nomadic lifestyle when you go on a trip with Kyrgyz Friends.

Point of Travel

  • An Adventurous Trip that Experiences the Real Life of Nomads
  • Social Distancing for Safe Travel
  • A rest in Issyk-Kul, the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan
  • Eco-friendly Tour

Detailed Fee

Basic Fee
$1280 / 1 person (1 group/10 people)
Points included
Accommodation, Transportation, Dining, Guide, Local guide
Points not included
Fee for Flights, Insurance, Personal Expenses

Detailed schedule

DAY 1  Burana Tower, Chon-Kemin (Shabdan Cultural Village)

Burana Tower is an observatory built by the Kara-Khanids who ruled the region in the 10th century, and it is nicknamed as ‘a lighthouse of the meadow’ due to the height of the top. Looking on the surrounding on the top of the observatory in spring and summer time, you will be amazed by the mountain covered with snow, meadow with beautiful yellow flowers. Chon-Kemin National Park is a place where you can enjoy not only walking or horse-riding, but also rafting. You can also have dinner with residents in the cultural village of Shabdan, and experience the Kyrgyz rural culture by staying in a neatly decorated local house.

Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse of local people
Traveling Distance: Total 175km (Three Hours)
Road Condition: good

DAY 2  Chon-Tuz Salt Mine, Song-Kul Lake

Song-Kul Lake, in the height of 3000m above sea level, can only be accessed from June to September due to its high altitude, but most people who already have visited there want to go to the lake again because of its beautiful scenery. On the way to the lake, tourists will drop by the salt mine to take a look on how the precious salt is obtained. This salt is really helpful for people with respiratory problems. You can take a horse-riding along the Song-Kul lake, stay in a Yurt, the traditional Kyrgyz mobile house, watch a beautiful night sky full of stars, and think about the meaning of our lives. 

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Yurt
Traveling Distance: Total 240km (Four and a half hours)
Road Condition: Paved 180km, Unpaved 60km

DAY 3  Kara-Suu Cultural Village, Koshoi Korgon

Kara-Suu village in Narn Oblast, in the height of 2000m above sea level, is the place where you can experience the lifestyle of the nomads thoroughly. Most men are shepherds so they go out to meadows in spring and summer time and herd their livestock. Women and childrens do handcraft works with wool in home. In winter, Men enjoy kokboroo, wild sports of nomads. In a patch of the village, there is a ‘Koshoy Korgon’ fortress which was used to rule this county in 10th century, and a village museum where you can see the ancient daily supplies. Travelers can watch the traditional nomadic wedding and eat food. 

Men, who return from the pastures sometimes spend their winters by gathering up in order to play the Kok Boru, the game of the nomads. The village is located right next to the Koshoi Korgon Fortress, which was used to dominated the area after the 10th century. Next to Koshoi Korgon there is a museum, where you can see the 3D model of the fortress and learn about the life of that time by examining the displayed items which were found in the ancient era. It is a village where travelers can take part in the traditional nomad wedding and enjoy local food.

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine 
Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast
Traveling Distance: Total 200km (Total Four Hours)
Paved Condition: Paved 140km, Unpaved 60km

DAY 4  Tash-Rabat

The accommodation buildings for the merchants from China were located all over the Silk Road. Tashbat, one of the accommodations, is made out of stones and considered to be the best preserved form of caravanserais in nowadays. Inside Tashrabat, there are not only small rooms, but also several rooms which were able to hold many people and a special 20 meters-deep pit that worked as a prison. You can hike or use horses in order to go the meadows where the yaks are grazing. During the night you may stay in the guesthouse at an altitude of 3200 meters and watch the falling stars in the Milky Way.

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Car movement per day: Total 54km (1 hour 30 minutes)
Road condition: Paved 40km, Unpaved 14km

DAY 5  Acha-Kayindy, Shyrdak, Chech-Dobo

Shyrdak, made by processing wool, is the traditional Kyrgyz carpet, and it is completely hand-made. The method is passed down from mother to daughter, then daughter to granddaughter, and it is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage. Achakyindy village is where this tradition is preserved and maintained thoroughly, so you can visit there and make Shyrdak. You may purchase one with qualified designs.

Chech-Dobo, the village nearby Achakyindy village, was the place for Kultarai(patriarchal meetings) in the past. You can walk watching the sunset. You will be treated with a nice dinner in well remodeled house of local people.

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Traveling Distance: Total 74km (Total 1 hour 50 minutes)
Road paved condition: Paved 60km, Unpaved 14km

DAY 6  Lake Issyk-Kul, Yurts in Kyzyl-Tuu, Salt Lake

Yurt is a traditional and valuable mobile house for Kyrgyz nomads. Over the centuries, the yurts have preserved their original functions. Most of the herdsmen stay in yurts in meadows as they take care for livestock. Kyzyl-Tuu is a village which specializes on making yurts. You can experience the process of making and the assembling yurts together and take a break by the nearby Salt Lake.

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse or local bed-and-breakfast
Traveling Distance: Total 260km (Three and a Half Hours in Total)
Road Pavement Condition: Relatively Good 

DAY 7  Hunting Using an Eagle, Bishkek

The Kyrgyz nomads used to hunt animals by using dogs or golden eagles. People in these days still maintain the tradition, so you can take picture with eagles and watch a hunting with them.

Bishkek, the number one city, the capital of Kyrgyzstan is the complex city with the population of 1.2 million. It is quite different with other cities in the tour program. You can see people walking busily, traffic congestion, and exhaust gas. Despite of these, the traditional market is a really good place to experience Kyrgyzstan. You can buy honey, dried nuts, a bottle of conaq in there. Then, it’s time to go home.

Breakfast: Local Cuisine / Lunch: Local or Korean Cuisine
Traveling Distance: Total 240km (Three and a half Hours in Total)
Road Pavement Condition: Good

※ This schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances.

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