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Shabdan Village

In Shabdan Village, you can experience various sports such as horseback riding, trekking and rafting in a good natural environment.

Shabdan Village is located on the right side of the Chung-Kemin River in the Kemin district of Chouy, Kyrgyzstan. The population is less than 3,000 and most of the villagers are engaged in agriculture and livestock.

Shabdan Village is a large resort area located in Chong-Kemin National Park, two hours away from Bishkek, and the mountainous terrain is particularly beautiful.

It is a popular area for foreign tourists because you can experience leisure sports while enjoying the beautiful scenery and all the infrastructure you need during the trip is well equipped, so you can make unforgettable beautiful memories through horse riding, trekking, and rafting.

Horse riding skills were absolutely necessary during the nomadic days, so the traditional custom of learning horse riding when a child turns 7 years old still continues. Therefore children are invited to the scene where they learn horse riding for the first time.

You can enjoy rafting with an experienced rafting expert at Chong-Kemin River and those who have not tried rafting will have another unforgettable experience of nature that you will never forget.

In the guest house, you can see the villagers' meal preparation process, enjoy dinner together, learn about Kyrgyzstan's traditional food and experience food culture. You can also hear stories of heroes in the past who blocked foreign invasions to protect the people from the villagers.

Detailed Information

  • Address

    Shabdan, Kyrgyzstan

  • Contact

    + 996 700 85 50 79

  • Population number

    2,200 people

  • Major industries and agricultural products

    Cattle breeding and Agriculture


Altyn Djanyshbaeva

+996 700 855 079