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Traditional Game - Kyz Kuumai

'Kyz kuumai' means 'chasing a girl' which is one of the oldest and most interesting traditional Kyrgyzstan games played during weddings or big holidays, and it gives pleasure to all guests as it is also known as the 'Bride's Race'.

In the way of the game, if a man on a horse is waiting at the starting line, the woman rides the horse and starts at a certain distance(about 20m) behind the man. When a woman passes by the man, the man begins to chase her.

If a man catches up with a woman before arriving at the finish line, he secretly kisses her, which means a man's victory. However, if a young man fails to catch up with a young woman until she reaches the finish line, on the contrary, the woman turns around and chases the man. If a woman catches up with a man before arriving at the starting line, she will hit the man with a whip and the woman will win a victory.

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