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Hunt with Eagles & Taigan national dog

In Kyrgyzstan, animals of foxes, rabbits, or rodents are hunted with eagles, and these people are called "Berkuchi." These Berkuchi have been respected by many people since ancient times because they have contributed to feed villagers through eagle hunting when frequent drought and famine.

There are few Berkuchi that keep on eagle hunting in Central Asia today, and they have held eagle hunting competition every year to keep that tradition.

Meanwhile there is a representative breed called Taigan in Kyrgyzstan, a sight hound breed that has adapted well to the mountainous terrain. It has medium-length slightly curly fur and has a variety of colors ranging from white, yellowish brown, gray, and black.

Taigan is famous for its ability to adapt to alpine regions and being very smart based on its strong physical strength, which mainly uses vision and speed to overwhelm its prey. It can also follow traces of smell and is famous for regaining prey, so it is usually used for hunting with eagles.