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Kashka-Suu Village

A village where Padish-Ata, a holy place in Jalalabad, is located.

Kashka-Suu Village is located in the Jalal-Abad area, about 200 km southwest of Bishkek. You can taste juniper cheeses and experience a traditional culture of wishing happiness through traditional rituals that put babies to sleep in cradle that are strongly made with juniper branches that have a sterilization effect.

Near the village are the Islamic holy sites of Shakh-Fazil and Padish-Ata, located on the Archa Mazar Hill of the ancient Silk Road with many Muslims and historians visiting.

There are about 25 tombs in Shakh-Fazil, which are differentiated by the unusual design of other tombs and courtyard in Central Asia. In areas designated as sacred places, cattle grazing, tree cutting, and hunting are prohibited, so a small number of residents engage in cultural and religious sites tourism or operate stores of vegetables and fruits.

Another holy site, Padish-Ata tells the legend of Saeed Kamal, who devoted his life to spreading Islam. He who was called Padish-Ata by local people left a will to his followers to bury him in his hometown if he died before he died. They had been told never to put his body on the ground on the way to his hometown, but his followers forgot and put it down on the ground. As a result legend has it that the coffin was forced to turn it into a tomb because it did not move on the spot.

People discovered cave paintings in 2007 featuring hunting scenes, sun, plants and everyday items during renovating the way to Padish-Ata Cemetery for pilgrims and tourists.

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