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Horseback-riding in Kyrgyzstan

Enjoy horseback-riding and watch beautiful sceneries around you

  • Travel Period
    5 Days
  • Cost
  • Maximum
  • Difficulty

Travel Introduction

Horseback-riding in Kyrgyzstan

You can see Kyrgyz people still utilizing horses as nomads wherever in rural areas. When a child turns four, parents would normally teach their child how to ride a horse. No wonder that all Kyrgyz who have grown up in such an environment can ride horses very well. However, we Koreans are also the descendants of horseback-riding people. 

You can enjoy horseback-riding in anywhere in Kyrgyzstan. There are great horses and wonderful fields as well. 

Point of Travel

  • Social distancing for safe travel
  • Eco-friendly tour
  • Adventure with your beloved people
  • Resting in Lake Issyk-Kul, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan

Detailed Fee

Basic Fee
$1100 (per person in a four-people group)
Points included
Guide, Transportation, Accommodation, Horse, Dining, Entrance Fee and etc.
Points not included
International flight, Insurance, Tips for Guide and Driver and personal expenses

Detailed schedule

DAY1 Chon-Kemin

The first place where you can enjoy horseback-riding with beautiful scenery is Chon-kemin national park. This is a relatively mild horseback-riding activity that takes you through a wide stream full of water and a lush green pasture. Even those who ride a horse for the first time do not have to be too scared, and riding a horse would be enough to enjoy the perfect balance between a person and a horse.

After enjoying walking and riding a horse, you will take a break at the well-designed Chon-kemin guesthouse.

Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Transportation: Total 145km (Total 2 hours 30 minutes), road pavement condition: good
Horseback-riding time: 1-2 hours

DAY 2 Kyzyl-Tuu Village, Horseback-riding in a Mountain, Bokonbayevo

Kyzyl-Tuu, located in the south coast of lake Issyk-Kul, is a village that makes yurt – a traditional mobile house for Kyrgyz nomads. You can experience making a yurt. You can enjoy horseback-riding in a mountain behind the village. 

Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Vehicle movement per day: Total 130km (Total 2 hours), road pavement condition: good
Horse riding time: 1-2 hours

Day 3  Skazka Canyon(Fairytale Canyon) Jeti-Oguz, Karakol City

There is sandstone area around Issyk-Kul. It creates a variety of sceneries because sandstones have been carved by rain and wind. Skazka means “the valley of fairytale” in Kyrgyz language, and you can really feel like you’re in somewhere in a fairy tale. Jeti-Oghuz means ‘seven bulls’ in Kyrgyz, and there are giant red seven rocks seeming like coming towards to you. It will be really fun to enjoy horseback-riding with watching giant red seven rocks.

Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Hotel
Transportation: total 180km (3 hours), Road condition: good
Horseback-riding time: 1-2 hours

DAY 4 Kok-Boru, Cholpon-Ata, Hot Spring

Imagine that you’re speeding up the horse you’re riding in a wide meadow. It would be really exciting. The imagination becomes reality in Kok-duce. All you need to do is to grab reins of a horse and spur your horse to run faster.

Enjoy the open-air hot spring for the tired body because of horse-riding, and fatigue of your body will be relieved.

While staying in Cholpon-Ata, you will go on a ferry heading to the middle of Issyk-Kul lake. You can enjoy the sea-like lake in the landlocked country.

Lunch: Local Cuisine / Dinner: Local Cuisine
Accommodation: Hotel
Transportation: total 145km (2 hours 30 minutes), road condition: good
Horseback-riding time: 1-2 hours

DAY 5 Bishkek

Once you've enjoyed horseback riding for 4 days,  it's time to get ready to go home. After entering the city of Bishkek, you can prepare honey, dried fruits, nuts, and a bottle of cognac for your loved ones in a traditional market.

Lunch: Local/Dinner: Local
Accommodation: Hotel
Vehicle movement per day: total 260km (3 hours 30 minutes), road condition: good

※ This schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances.

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