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Ak-Sai Canyon

"Forgotten River Valley" located in the south of Lake Issyk-Kul

Ak-Sai Canyon is one of the most fascinating canyon in Kyrgyzstan. It stretches along the southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul near Ak-Sai Village and is located 16 kilometers from the local center ‘Bokonbaevo’.

Local residents call this canyon the "forgotten river valley" because they can observe traces of the river flowing here a long time ago at the entrance of the canyon. If you go north along the winding road, you will reach the beautiful coast of Lake Issyk-Kul at the end, where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the lake and the interesting scenery of the red mountain area at the same time.

 Enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Ak-Sai Canyon with KyrgyzFriends team.

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