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Kol-Kogur Lake, Chong-Kemin National Park

The lake is located in the Chong-Kemin National Park, about 17km from Shabdan Culture Village

Kol-Kogur Lake is located in the Chong-Kemin National Park at 2,460m above sea level, about 17km from Shabdan Cultural Village. Although there is only about 3km straight from the Chong-Kemin River to the lake, there is no bridge to cross the river, so you have to go twice as far through the upstream side of the river. You can cross the river with a cart-shaped cable car there.

Kol-Kogur Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kyrgyzstan, but it is somewhat devalued due to the grandeur of the northern Tien-Shan Range. The lake's scenery of dense forests and rather gentle slopes can also make viewers lose their minds.

Most of nature is almost out of human reach by the lake, there are several settlements and Yurta where you can rest for a while on the way to the lake. The area around the lake is generally thick with fir forests and wild animals such as wild cats, golden eagles and various insects inhabit.

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    Chuy Region, Shabdan cultural village