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Kol-Ukok Lake

A beautiful small lake located near Kochkor Village in Naryn, which means "lake in heart".

Kol-Ukok Lake is a mountain lake in Naryn Province  which takes about three hours to travel by car from Bishkek, about 20km southeast of the Kochkor village at the western foot of the Tersky Ala-too.

"Kok-Ukok" means "a lake in the heart," and the lake water is very cold and reaches a depth of up to 17m.

Around the lake there are unique and diverse flowers such as the forget-me-not and Edelweiss that fascinate visitors' minds and animals such as wolves, jackals, foxes, rabbits, and goats inhabit.

Between May and October, you can meet descendants of ancient nomads raising livestock, and, you can experience the lifestyle of Kyrgyzstan nomads and dairy products such as Kymyz,  Airan and Kurt through them.

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    Naryn Region, Terskey Ala-Too Range