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Traditional Game - Kok boru

Kok boru is a traditional game of Kyrgyzstan on horseback, which was registered as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017. It is a traditional game in which players play on horseback in two teams, and the player tries to score by putting the dead body of a goat (replaced by a mold of a ball in modern games) in Tai-kazan, the opponent's goal post.

Today's game will be played three times (the first, middle, and second half) for a total of 60 minutes, with the team that puts Ulak the most in the opponent's Thai Kazan winning.

This traditional game is an expression of cultural and historical traditions and mental identity, and it creates a culture of responsibility and respect by uniting the community regardless of social status. Knowledge related to Kok boru is naturally delivered through demonstrations at festivals and social events.

Currently, the Kok boru player community has 16 top league teams and 80 semi-professional teams, with more than 600 amateur teams playing Kok boru in various villages in Kyrgyzstan.

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