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Sheker Village

Famous Kyrgyz writer's hometown

Formed in the 20th century, the Sheker Village is well known as the hometown of famous writers, especially the birthplace of Chinghiz Aitmato.

Chinghiz Aitmato is a famous writer who there are streets named after his name not only in Kyrgyzstan but also Europe, Russia, and the United States. His works have been translated into English and other European languages, and more than 90 million copies have been published.

There is a museum in this town that honors the life and achievements of Aitmato, a writer, politician, and social activist. The museum opened for his 50th birthday in 1978 and has more than 1,000 exhibits, including manuscripts, articles, books and paintings. There is also a special section on his parents and family history.

Please come to Chinghiz Aitmato Museum and home in Sheker Village to experience local history and cultures.

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Tourist attractions
Chinghiz Ordo Park
A monument to the Battle of Talas
Museum (Chinghiz Aitmato)

Square measure
6 hectares

paved road

KF member's B&B, Guest House

Guest House

Other characteristics of the village
Neighboring Kazakhstan

Damira Mombekova

Detailed Information

  • Address

    Aytmatova, 305

  • Contact

    +996 500 869 476

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Damira Mombekova

+996 500 869 476