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Supara is an ancient leather tablecloth, both in meaning and in sound, this name fully corresponds to its purpose.

In the ethnographic complex Supara (translated from Kyrgyz - a leather tablecloth), guests can enjoy traditional Kyrgyz cuisine, get imbued with the culture and life of the Kyrgyz people and get to know the history of Kyrgyzstan.

Ethno-complex Supara consists of several yurts, with a capacity of 10 to 200 people, stone houses for individual meetings, as well as a large area, consisting of trestle beds, gazebos and a terrace.

The construction of the Supara ethnic complex was carried out using natural materials such as stone, clay and wood. Each of the houses or yurts has a unique design and interior decoration.

The Supara ethno complex also has an interactive museum, which displays household items of nomadic Kyrgyz.

Detailed Information

  • Address

    1 Ulitsa Karagul Akmat, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  • Type

    Traditional Food

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