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Cooking traditional Borsok

Small bread bites that are called Borsok are very delicious and easy to make. Let us learn how to!

They have a culture of honoring the dead and believe that it can be connected to the afterlife through fried bread called Borsok, a Central Asian country, In Kyrgyzstan.

This food is served in special events to honor ancestors and wish them good luck, and it is also used in funeral ceremonies. When someone dies they prepare Borsok 40 days and 1year after death, and there is a tradition of preparing Borsok every Thursday for a year to honor the dead.

It is believed that smoke during cooking touches people's prayers and the smell attracts the souls of the dead. Also it is believed that they eat on behalf of the deceased by eating Borsok.

Borsok is a bread fried by dough with flour, water, salt, butter and sugar, you can be seen in various forms each country in Central Asia. It's very delicious to dip butter, honey, jam or local cream cheese in flour, fry it in a kazan (wok shaped frying pan) and scoop out the yellowish bread.

Usually Borsok bread serves as an appetizer in Kyrgyz culture. You may learn or see the process of making such bread in one of our cultural villages. But it's better not to eat them too much at the beginning of the meal. Because more delicious foods are coming out soon. We bet those foods are as delicious as you can't imagine...…

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