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Lesnoe Village

It is a village of farmers in the handshake area of the Ak-Suu state called the Kyrgyz potato hometown.

Lesnoe Village is a small and beautiful village with an average altitude of 2,200m above sea level, located in Ak-Suu area of the eastern of Issyk-Kul region. There are about 300 villagers living in a total of 50 households in the village and most of them raise livestock and women live in domestic handicrafts and gardening for a living.

This village is small enough to be selected as Kyrgyzstan's most beautiful tourist destination of the year and if you close your eyes in the pasture where horses grow, you can create an illusion in heaven by combining the sounds of natural horses running freely.

Lesnoe Village is located on the driveway to Altyn-Arashan, so it is very popular as a base camp before departure for trekking. You can enjoy trekking and hot springs in the Ak-Suu village with Altyn-Arashan, and you can also enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and leisure sports at Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan's top attraction.

It's a beautiful place no matter when you visit every four seasons but especially if you visit this place in May, you can enjoy completely different seasons at the same time. In the distance you can see snow-covered snow mountains in perfect harmony with green vegetation, while the weather is so warm that you have to wear sleeveless shirts in the village, so you can enjoy beautiful flowers and horses grazing leisurely.

You can see a traditional Kyrgyz nomad named ‘Kok-boru’ in the village too. This traditional game can be seen as a mixture of wrestling elements and basketball elements, where players ride horses and use chlorine bodies as balls to score by putting them in a round-shaped opponent's net.

In addition, you can experience making juice and jam yourself with various fruits produced in the region.

Detailed Information

  • Address

    Lesnoe, Kyrgyzstan

  • Contact

    +996 556 341 598

  • Population number

    300 people

  • Major industries and agricultural products



Bakyt Ybykeev

+996 556 341 598